Monday, January 14, 2013

Throw back the curtains and let in the sun!

I love, love, love window treatments! Fabric just makes me happy :) With the window as you canvas you can add color, texture, volume and couture tailoring that makes any room look like it is ready to walk down the runway.

This is also one of the best spots to spend your design dollars. Window dressings do not get the same wear and tear as a sofa, so splurge on that sumptuous kelly green trellis, you will have it for a very long time!

I will take simple linen curtain panels over a naked window any day...but what I really love is to add divine details that really dress the room. I love to do a scallop welt along the leading edge of panels -- that is decorator speak for the inside edge of each panel, where the two panels would meet if the curtains were closed:) Another fave is to create a box pleat trim, using the same fabric as the body of the panel, to apply to the leading edge. It creates kind of a tailored ruffle. Oh....and I love a good tape trim. Even on a fabric with lots of pattern, the solid line of tape just accentuates the print!

Another note for your little black book on decorating....It always amazes me how much window treatments soften a room. Clients often make the mistake of saying that they don't want anything on the widow to take away from a beautiful view....that is such a mistake! Sumptuous window treatments are like a frame on a love painting, they make everything even more beautiful!

Here are some of my muses.....

Here is a serene bedroom I did with a scalloped edge on the windows.

I love this! It looks like a fun ball gown.
Richard Keith Langham

Such a clean addition to creamy curtains.
Richard Keith Langham

Valances are like a fun hat at the Kentucky Derby. Love this one by Miles Redd

Here is another topper by Miles Redd

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Room of Their Own

You know I am a big believer in making every room in your home welcoming to every member of your family....don't lock your kids out of the living room or pups out of the bedroom -- or you won't hang out in there either! That being said, I love the idea of creating a family room for kids that really fits their needs....but looks so fabulous that all the adults will want to hang out in there too!
If you have a spare spot upstairs, dress it up as a second family room with comfy seating, storage, art table, room for wii games or ping pong. This room is a great excuse for that vintage Ms. Pacman game you have always wanted to own. Here you can live vicariously through your children! Also create a nook for them to be organized and productive in their own chic study hall.

Here are a few rooms that I would like to call my own...and so would my kids!

I love this study hall. It will just make your children want to study physics! This most beautiful elements, that add the most punch; the wallpaper, shades and chandelier, are well out of reach of the daily wear and tear!
Annsley Interiors Boston

This is one of my favorite kid rooms! The ceilings and walls make it so crisp and clean and all the action happens below. This works for a playroom, study hall or tv room!
Alessandra Branca

Great idea to store all their stuff! This storage solution could be part of any great room!

This is it! Exactly what I am talking about!!
Suzanne Kasler

Grown-ups and kids will want to cozy up in this book nook!

What a great room to hang for them to hang out with their friends. A  TV on the opposite wall would  make it a great movie room!